Business Incubator

The Foundation partners with the District and New Trier faculty to identify special initiatives that can benefit the students in multiple ways and have the potential to engage the larger community.

New Trier Business Education teachers are bringing INCubatoredu to the classroom to provide students with real world entrepreneurship experience. INCubatoredu — a nationally recognized program that provides a specialized curriculum to hundreds of member schools in over a dozen states — provides online instructional materials, consultation on how the classroom is designed, a coaching and mentoring framework, and professional development resources for teachers and volunteers.

In this year-long course, students have the opportunity to fully develop their product or service. Business experts from the community serve as volunteer coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the processes. At the end of the school year, each team presents to a group of local entrepreneurs and business leaders mimicking ABC’s popular business pitch show, “Shark Tank.”

This year 62 students are enrolled in the first incubator at New Trier– Entrepreneurship: Start-Up U. This experience will model a start-up environment similar to spaces like 1871 in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. The faculty believe some groups will produce business ideas that provide services to people in need. They also believe this course will motivate students to think differently and
more critically about issues or problems that can be
resolved in our school and community.