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David Buyer ’85


Why did you join the NTEF Board?
Involvement and giving back. When my eldest daughter was a sophomore I was approached with the opportunity to join the Foundation Board. It has been an excellent way to be more involved with her in addition to cheering her on at tennis matches. The Board also presents a way to give back to New Trier after having graduated in 1985.

What is the most rewarding thing about being on the NTEF Board?
There are many rewarding aspects to Foundation Board membership. First, the other Directors are terrific people to meet and work with. Besides the raw talent everyone possesses, the kindness in each of the Directors is incredible.

It is wonderful to see the results from Foundation grants. As my wife and I walk through the school for conferences or other events, we see and hear about things the students are doing. I often turn to her and say, “that is a project we sponsored.”

It is also amazing to get to know and work with the administration. Their knowledge of high school education and ability to visualize from the students’ perspective makes each one of them experts in their fields.

What was your favorite movie in high school and why?
The Princess Bride. It is a timeless lighthearted adventure that transported me away from thinking about schoolwork.