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Glass Art

New Trier offers a unique glass art program that has been constantly gaining popularity with students. Building capacity for this curriculum with state-of-the-art equipment raises the quality of education for Glass Art students and brings New Trier’s Glass Art facility to a level that rivals many colleges and universities.

Mori Weinstein, passionate about the glass arts with skills that rivaled professionals, graduated from New Trier in 2012 and attended University of Kansas. In 2016, a tragic accident occurred where he and three others died.

To honor Mori’s memory, the New Trier Educational Foundation in partnership with the Weinstein Family and the community, committed to raise $35,700 to purchase an annealing kiln and second reheat chamber allowing more students to participate and advance in the glass arts.

“Having more space and equipment enables New Trier students to host students from other schools near or far. The real life connection of working alongside and collaborating with new people helps students grow and be more understanding of people from different backgrounds,” shares Monique Roberts Boyd, Art Faculty