Glass Art

“Glass art is finding its way into many high school curriculums across the county.
New Trier is leading the way, providing our students opportunities with glass in a
high school setting that we didn’t know were possible.”

  – Alicia Landes, Art Department Chair

Enrollment in Glass Art is at capacity with nine classes a day for 185 students plus three after-school clubs that include freshman students. The studio in the new wing is designed to accommodate the amount of equipment and space needed for this total class size.

The Hot Shop, as part of the Glass Art curriculum, enables students to blow glass in the time-honored tradition of glassmaking. Envisioning and drawing the idea, communicating the steps in advance with the team, concentrating, following directions, and assisting the team are all parts of the process. Currently, it is limited to 2‐3 students at a time working on one bench and reheat chamber.

The Art Department needs two pieces of equipment in order to enhance the experience for Glass Art students. The addition of a second reheat chamber will allow the number of student participants to double. An annealing kiln will hold all the glass pieces created during the entire day at 950 degrees and allow them to cool down slowly to room temperature overnight.


The Goal

The New Trier Educational Foundation has committed to raise $35,700 to purchase the annealing kiln and second reheat chamber.


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The Benefits


Two groups of three students will be able to work together in tandem to create several glass components that form one large piece. This gives students at various skill levels–beginners, intermediate and advanced–the opportunity to collaborate on more complex projects.


Having additional working space expands the depth and breath of the projects that can be made. More students can enter into the process assisting each other and participating in the final creation.


Building capacity for this curriculum with state-of-the-art equipment raises the quality of education for Glass Art students and brings New Trier’s Glass Art facility to a level that rivals many colleges and universities. The enhanced program will help prepare our students for higher learning.

“Having more space and equipment enables New Trier students to host students from other schools near or far. The real life connection of working alongside and collaborating with new people helps students grow and be more understanding of people from different backgrounds.”
– Monique Roberts Boyd, Art Faculty

Click the paperweight and GIVE to Glass Art

Glass Art teacher Monique R. Boyd standing in front of the furnace which can hold 150 lbs. of glass at 2150 degrees.
Reheat chamber currently in use. The addition of a second reheat chamber will allow the class to double the number of student participants.


The Foundation partners with the District and New Trier faculty to identify special initiatives that can benefit the students in multiple ways and have the potential to engage the larger community.