Grant Spotlight – Health & Wellness

State-of-the-Art Strength Training

“Having access to this modern equipment will give students an edge physically and mentally in school, in their own personal fitness and as athletes on the playing field.” – Dave Earnest, Kinetic Wellness Faculty


Daily use of the Northfield Campus Wellness Room continues to be in high demand. At any point in time, Kinetic Wellness (KW) classes, athletic teams, or outside groups like personal fitness groups and summer school programs utilize the facility. As such, the strength training equipment needed updating.

The KW and Athletic Departments sought funding support from both the New Trier Booster Club and the New Trier Educational Foundation. The Booster Club provided funding for new power racks. And, the Foundation contributed $4,927 to secure two additional 45 lb. Olympic lifting bars, 10 additional 45 lb. weighted bumper plates and 10 additional 25 lb. weighted bumper plates to complete the setup for nine brand new power racks.

“It’s a total transformation,” says Dave Earnest, Kinetic Wellness Faculty. “We can schedule more fall or spring athletes from two or three sports programs to be working out at the same time.” He estimates that about 1,000 freshman students will have access to the equipment and over 2,000 total student athletes will be able use the facility during the summer and throughout the sports season. Finally, over 50 community members including adults and seniors will be able to utilize the equipment through the New Trier Extension Programs.

According to Earnest, this project relates to the school’s plan to improve KW students’ health experiences, improve overall student athlete performance and the health of community members who utilize the new space.

Hillary Cox ’21 (left) and Ryan Kaestle ’21 demonstrate proper strength training positions



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