Mission Statement

The mission of the New Trier Educational Foundation is to provide private funding for exceptional educational opportunities and special projects that are not funded – or are funded in part – by the District 203 Budget.

As an independent, 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization led by a volunteer board, we seek to identify sources of private revenue. The Foundation is committed to a partnership with District 203 administrators, teachers and parents on behalf of educational excellence for all New Trier students.

This video was presented at the 2017 Alumni Achievement Recognition Dinner to showcase some of the recent programs and special projects for which the Foundation provided funding support. Thank you to NT Film Production students Lily Meehan-Egan ’19 (video director), Olivia Luna ’19 (cinematographer) and Marion Madanguit ’19 (video editor), and to Media Production Faculty Iwona Awlasewicz for helping the Foundation tell the story.