Planned Giving

Making a Gift That Makes a Difference

You can create a part of your legacy with a bequest to the New Trier Educational Foundation. Such gifts are motivated by an emotional connection and deep commitment to the school and its mission promoting inquiry, service, and compassion. Your gift assures that New Trier will continue to provide challenging academic programs and significant learning opportunities not typically covered by the District budget. For more than a century, the school has been a model that has built a nationally recognized tradition of excellence that makes it a lighthouse school.

The following planned giving options will help you structure your gift of cash or other assets to meet your circumstances.

For further information about bequest opportunities, contact the Foundation at 847-784-2346.


Bequest — Include the Foundation in your will or trust for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or another type of provision to make a thoughtful gift to the Foundation and receive potential tax savings for your estate. If you prefer to restrict your gift to a particular program or for a specified purpose, please let us know.


Charitable remainder trust— A charitable remainder trust is established when cash or securities or another asset are transferred to a trust. The donor or another person receives payments from the trust for life or for a term of years (not exceeding 20). At the end of the lifetime or term of years, the trust terminates and the assets pass to charity.


Charitable lead trust— A charitable lead trust is established when cash or securities or another asset are transferred to a trust. The donor arranges for one or more charities to receive payments from the trust. At the end of the trust term, the assets pass to the donor or family members.


Life insurance — Name the Foundation as beneficiary of all or a percentage of a fully paid life insurance policy you may no longer need and you may receive a charitable estate tax deduction for the portion you designate for charity.


Retirement plan assets — Name the New Trier Educational Foundation as a percentage beneficiary of your retirement plan assets and your estate will receive the appropriate charitable estate tax deduction.


Real estate — Gifts of homes or real property offer benefits depending on the donor’s situation. Real property gifts may include gifts of a primary residence or a vacation home. In some cases, the donor may choose to remain in the home for his or her life after the home is deeded to the Foundation and still be eligible to receive tax savings