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Special Education faculty receiving new supplies and equipment provided through Foundation support for the Life Skills Kitchen.

Special Education

In 2016, the Foundation was challenged to raise $15,000 for Special Education. An anonymous donor then donated an additional $5,000.

The Special Education Challenge raised $21,545 to provide expanded opportunities for students with disabilities.

This funding supported many programs including yoga, animal assistance therapy, vocational training and more.

As programming in special education at New Trier has grown and evolved, the need for assistive technology devices has increased significantly. “Thanks to the Special Education Challenge, a full inventory of these devices has been purchased to assist students in a wide range of activities,” says Life Skills Faculty Sean E. Clemenz.  “We now have new equipment to assist in communication, iPad access, and the operation of small appliances in the new Life Skills kitchens. As a result, our students are participating more fully in a wide range of activities and striving toward greater independence,” Clemenz points out.